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Global Read: A Case for Compassion

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Like most of us, you like to read a good book. The Global Read aims to make it easy to do just that. We've selected books that bring awareness to the theme of compassion and relate to one or more of the Charter's twelve sectors. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from the book's author in a live webinar format. Better yet, you're given the chance to interact with the author and ask questions and/ or comment on their book. Please tell your friends about us - and form your own small group for dialogue. Then be sure to register and join us for our live event. To participate in these conversations, you'll need to register for the conference call. The link will be sent to you once you sign up to participate. If you cannot join the author and guests live, please send your questions in advance to this email address. The recording will be available on the Charter website for viewing later. We are excited to be continuing this compassionate literary venture, and we look forward to your participation! Tell your friends. Bring them along for the discussion. Let’s read!
“This clear-eyed vision for a more compassionate world will inspire you to take action in your own community.” —Kelly McGonigal, PhD, author of The Willpower Instinct
What would happen if the systems within our society focused on care and healing instead of growth and profit?
In A Case for Compassion: What Happens When We Prioritize People and the Planet, Sara Schairer—a leader in the compassion field—examines five of our most influential systems: education, health care, corrections, law enforcement, and the workplace. Using personal narratives, research, thought-leader interviews, and examples of compassionate institutions, Schairer shows us that compassion can solve many of our society’s most pressing problems.
You’ll read inspiring stories about examples of compassion, including:
  • A neurosurgeon who bucks the system in order to take as much time as necessary with each patient.
  • A correctional system with a goal of creating good neighbors.
  • A police chief who encourages self-compassion, compassion, and mindfulness among his officers.
  • A bakery that bakes brownies in order to hire people, not the other way around.
In times of despair, Sara Schairer’s A Case for Compassion offers a compass pointing toward hope and, most importantly, maps out the route to get there.
18th June 2024 9:00 AM through 10:00 AM
A Case for Compassion
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