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The Charter for Compassion and Race4Good® Global Youth League, a student leadership program unlike any other, have formed a unique partnership that brings together schools from around the world to take part in a series of groundbreaking races aimed at uplifting communities in need.

Learn more about this unique program, its structure and accomplishments, and how communities and schools can apply. Race4Good® Global Youth League offers something for everyone—whether student, teacher, administrator, headmaster, business mentor, supporter or community member.

Race4Good targets leadership skills, innovation, critical thinking and public speaking.  Students form dynamic teams, supported by international business mentors, and compete against other schools from around the world. By having the opportunity to engage with and uplift carefully chosen communities, from families in the Himalayas to nomadic tribes in Morocco, students are given a unique platform to develop critical life skills including cultural sensitivity, compassion, self-reflection, and emotional intelligence.

Help to sponsor a team that in turns supports a village project.

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